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Unleashing Potential: A Positive Look at American Standard Dog Training

Meeting the Mastermind Behind American Standard Dog Training

When you embark on the journey of dog ownership, training your canine companion becomes a pivotal part of the relationship between you and your pet. American standard dog training offers a clear pathway to harmony and understanding between you and your furry friend, and at the helm of this approach is Garret Wing, the founder of American Standard Dog Training. With over two decades of experience, Garret brings an unparalleled level of expertise to the field of canine behavior and training.

Credentials That Set the Bar High

Garret’s credentials speak volumes about the caliber of training you can expect from American Standard Dog Training. Not only is he the founder, but also an esteemed instructor, imparting knowledge at various respected conferences. His extensive work as a police K-9 handler and senior supervisor showcases the depth of his practical experience.

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A Deeply Rooted Passion for K-9s

Passion is the core of any successful endeavor, and for Garret Wing, dogs have been a lifelong love. Growing up in a home where police K-9s formed an integral part of the family, Garret was introduced to the world of dog training at a very young age. This profound early exposure laid the foundation for what would become a renowned career in canine training.

Education: The Backbone of Expertise

American standard dog training is not just about field experience; it has a solid academic foundation as well. Garret has earned advanced degrees and numerous certifications, ensuring that his methods are backed by both experience and a deep understanding of organizational and emergency services management.

From Police Dogs to Family Pets: Expanding the Training Spectrum

Originally focused on training elite police dogs, Garret realized the need for high-quality training for civilian dogs. This led to a widening of his services, meeting the demands of pet owners everywhere. His philosophy revolves around the idea that, for every police dog trained, countless family pets also deserve the same level of professional and effective training.

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DIYK9: A New Frontier in Dog Training

Responding to the need for accessible dog training, Garret Wing launched DIYK9, an online training platform that encapsulates his 20+ years of experience. The courses offered range from obedience training to behavioral modification, allowing pet owners everywhere to benefit from high-end training strategies.

American Standard Dog Training: The Philosophy

American standard dog training doesn’t solely rely on one method or technique; instead, it embraces a comprehensive approach. This includes understanding the natural instincts and behaviors of dogs, establishing a deep bond between handler and dog, and utilizing both positive reinforcement and necessary corrections to achieve a well-balanced and disciplined pet.

The Importance of the Right Equipment

A critical aspect of training, according to American Standard Dog Training, is the appropriate use of training tools. From E-collars to bite sleeves, the right equipment can make a significant difference in the training process, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of each session.

Feedback from the Field: Success Stories and Satisfied Clients

The positive reviews from clients who have utilized the training methods and courses speak volumes. Stories of transformed dogs and grateful owners are a testament to the success of American Standard Dog Training and the DIYK9 courses.

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Accessible to All: The Reach of American Standard Training

In today’s connected world, American Standard Dog Training reaches a global audience through its online platform. Regardless of location, dog owners can now access Garret’s expertise and apply his proven training methods in their own homes.

In the world of dog training, the American standard dog training approach brings a disciplined yet understanding methodology that resonates with both dogs and owners. The result is a harmonious relationship built on mutual respect, clear communication, and proper guidance. As we look at the accomplishments and philosophy of Garret Wing and his approach to canine training, it’s clear that this is a system designed for success—the success of the dogs, the handlers, and the bond they share.